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Having moved all the way out to San Francisco I have discovered that many musicians in the bay area are all “Arm Chair Quarterbacks”.  It’s been a challenge to work with people and as I am writing and working on my own songs I have also decided to publish a Music Magazine that is written by a musician for musicians that will be launched sometime in the summer of 2016.

As a prelude to this news, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to publish a creative writing piece by Marcia Kreutzmann who is Bill Kreutzmann’s sister.  Bill Kreutzmann is of course, the drummer for The Grateful Dead.  This was a great project for me to get me geared up for the magazine launch and the project was in the works since August of 2015 so it’s been a sigh of joy and relief to finally have launched and released the very first print work from Luca Montana Publishings.  Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well photographed at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA June 27, 2015©Jay BlakesbergGrateful Dead Fare Thee Well photographed at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA June 27, 2015©Jay Blakesberg

Looking very excited and optimistic for summer to get here (my favorite season of the year) and will launch the magazine and feature: Face to Face Interviews, Discussions on Music and Music Reviews as well.

As for Marcia Kreutzmann’s memoir, it’s 20 pages and I worked with nothing but the best in the Rock N Roll industry to publish photos from 2 of the world’s best known Concert Photographers: Jay Blakesberg and David Oppenheimer as well as the world’s most acclaimed “Psychedelic Artist”, Jeff Hopp.  It’s a quality read and product and am proud to have published and been part of a great team to bring the eyes and perspective of Marcia Kreutzmann to the general public.

In closing, it’s always great to hear siblings of famous people tell stories.  Janice Joplin’s sister wrote “Buried Alive” a book dedicated to Janice.  Jim Morrison’s sister did some interviews about growing up with Jim and even Jerry Garcia’s brother got out a couple of times and provided some insight into what Jerry was like when he was growing up.  Always, always interesting to say the very least.

Go to Marcia Kreutzmann’s memoir here:



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