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Rock N Roll is far more than just a bunch of musicians who play through super powered amplifiers, it’s a complex marriage, often not profitable and the music itself needs the equivalence of flying a commercial jumbo jet for several years (forget about hours) to get to the level that impresses mass audiences on a global level.  Thing is – The Black Crowes achieved that level – that hundreds of thousands of bands aim for but always crash and burn or fall far and or short of accomplishing.  So it’s easy to understand WHY rock has been dying and WHY Rock N Roll is a such an intense challenge to sustain long term success.  However, to all great things there comes an end.

In 2014 I said good bye to The Allman Brothers Band, a lifelong influence to me on so many levels.  Now it’s The Black Crowes whose lead singer, Chris Robinson, inspired me to sing.  All I can say is “FARE THE WELL” to another legendary band that shared their music with Jimmy Page, Robert Planet, Ziggy Marley, Damien Marley, The Allman Brothers, Bob Weir, The Drive By Truckers and scores of amazing Rock Acts from the past to present.


Looking back in life, The Black Crowes was “MY” band.  My first show I had seen was in my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.  I have been to probably near 100 shows.  All the shows were amazing and always intimate enough to always have so much fun.  Having seen the band so many times I was fortunate enough to hang out with Ed Harsch (the original keyboard player) while I was at the Fillmore in San Francisco in 2005. Such a great musician and comical too.  Ed was cool enough to introduce me to some of the folks behind the Crowes’ shows who I kept in touch with over the years and having moved to California a couple of years ago one of Ed’s contacts from the 2005 show invited me to see The Crowes in Los Angeles on what is ‘now’ their 2nd to last show of their career (November 2013 @ The Wiltern).  This time around I got to meet the band, but unfortunately Ed wasn’t with them at this time but was missed.  If there were any signs of a bridge over troubled waters – I for one – didn’t see it or detect any tension. However, as I stated – “ROCK N ROLL IS A COMPLEX MARRIAGE…etc.”  Just like the Allman Brothers Band, Gregg will keep touring with Gregg Allman and Friends and Chris has Chris Robinson Brotherhood so a legacy still lives. I am hopeful that if The Grateful Dead can regroup for a tour in 2015 (20 years after Jerry Garcia passed away), then there will be another Black Crowes Tour in the future.  Only time will tell.

Please see a few of my favorite Black Crowes Songs below.  The beauty of any artist is that the music is a timeless legacy and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to see this very talented act and band so many times.  Fare thee well, Black Crowes – Fare thee well!


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