Luca Montana - Folk Rock Artist

At times I get very home sick for the Deep South and Florida.

Chasing after a dream becomes a day job…becomes a 2nd job…becomes your child…becomes a compulsion and an obsession.

Chasing after my dream has moved me from The South to the West Coast and thus far I have to say I have made the best of it but I do miss warm ocean waters and iridescent blue green hues of the Atlantic Ocean.  Getting back to reality it’s 2015.  Last year flew by and had placed some strong footings for this year.

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The California Folk Rock Scene is impressive and very much alive.  From Seattle to San Diego there is still a wide demand and thirst for quality Folk Music.  After spending 1 year to assemble a band “IN VINO VERITAS” which comes equipped with a string or ‘symphonic’ ensemble, I look forward towards the future in performing over 21 original Folk Rock Songs that I have written and arranged under the official “Luca Montana Song Catalog”.   Super elated to be working with so many great artists from the West Coast that includes: Venues, Musicians, Media Producers, A & R Contacts, Dancers, Light Techs, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Fans.

In Vino Veritas ( is also publishing its own PRINT MAGAZINE, that will be available for FREE downloads and mailed to key VIP Fans and Industry Contacts.


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